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Supply Chain Collaboration Driving Functional Safety

Missed the conference? We are already planning ahead for 2023 – connect with us and we will update you soon.

Meet us at the 26262 club Technical Conference this coming December 5, 2022

In this edition, the 26262 club continues the discussion on the anticipated third edition and the emerging role of ISO 26262 within the evolving standards ecosystem. We bring on stage key global players from WG8 alongside authors of the most prominent upcoming standards and share must-have insights from the global standardisation community. Goal of the day is to facilitate collaboration and open discussion between different groups and practitioners and present applicable case studies and lessons learnt to take back with you.

Who will you meet

The expert speaker line up includes 20 international experts from the ISO 26262 WGs and international members of Germany, UK, France, Italy, Austria, USA – together we welcome experts from WGs of SOTIF, IEEE, Accellera, ISO 21434 among other. Presenting companies include OEMS, Tier 1s, Semiconductor and notable solution providers. Meet our expert speaker panel here.


  • Sunday December 4 2022, 8PM onwards: Welcome drinks
  • Monday December 5 2022, 09:00 onwards: Full day conference and discussions; followed by evening networking event


  • Certificate of attendance
  • 8 hours of content
  • Direct contact with ISO 26262 international standard writers
  • Conference proceedings
  • Social agenda and surprises

Learn from industry experts

Join our speakers and other guest experts for an interactive day, full with insightful presentations, round tables and Q&A’s about how they’ve implemented winning functional safety strategies throughout the value chain.

Key Themes

Session 1: Welcome to FU-SA101: Benchmarking on ISO 26262 Foundation

This back to basics early session offers the opportunity for participants to identify common ISO 26262 misunderstandings and how to deal with them. Participants will be offered up to date material on common implementation issues and the most common mistakes. Questions such as “should ISO 26262 be a certifiable standard”, “is this product truly safe or only on paper”, “It’s OK it’s QM!” will be discussed as well as clarifications on terminology such as item/part/component, ASIL Decomposition and PMHF to name a few. Practical examples experienced by the technical experts will be presented and discussed.

Session 2: ISO 26262 and Friends on the Global Standardization Ecosystem

The second session explores the relation of ISO 26262 with the most prominent international standards and the implications of this relation to functional safety practitioners. We offer you the latest updates from global standardization groups and we welcome leaders from the ISO 26262 international working groups, SOTIF, ISO 21434 (cyber security), ASPICE, MISRA, Accellera and IEEE P2851. We explore these standards interoperability and interfaces while at the same time provide an overview of the 100s of globally newly developed AD and ADAS standards (and whether you need to care).

Session 3: Case Studies and User Perspective for building complex AD systems

Core focus of this session will be in problem solving and solution implementation. We cover current ADAS and AD mishaps and discuss where the missteps where taken. At the same time we cover ground on developing complex ADAS systems and building concrete safety cases for solid development. We cover things to worry about in V&V and technical specifications and changes affecting AD and ADAS as well as presenting the new ISO updates on V&V for AD systems.



MathWorks logo

MathWorks is the world’s leading software vendor for Technical Computing and Model-Based Design. MATLAB and Simulink family of products are the standard engineering tools for automotive embedded systems. They enable engineers to model and simulate systems early in the design cycle and subsequently apply rapid prototyping for validating functional concepts in the vehicle. Production code generation then translates the detailed design models into C, C++, or HDL code. In-the-loop testing lets engineers reuse model test cases on generated code to achieve the verification rigor mandated by ISO 26262. The suitability of using Simulink and Stateflow for ISO 26262 activities is acknowledged in the standard.


Siemens’ Tessent product family includes software and smart on-chip instrumentation to detect, mitigate and eliminate risks throughout the IC lifecycle, helping customers address their debug, test, yield, safety, security, and optimization requirements for today’s most complex SoCs.
Tessent products include in-life and in-lab functional monitoring and cybersecurity technology; alongside industry-leading design-for-test (DFT) tools and test data analytics. We help ensure the highest test coverage, accelerate yield ramp and improve quality, reliability and resilience across the silicon lifecycle.